A New SSS Mission to Priests in Sri Lanka



Benefits to SSS

- Carrying out the SSS Charism; Direct ministry to the Priests
- Evoking a Eucharistic fervor in the Priests and their families
- Greater publicity to the SSS Congregation and ministry
- Greater openness of participating priests to LITE seminars in their parishes
- Greater collaboration with the priests across dioceses and congregations
- Possibilities for future Priests' Eucharistic Association
- Possibilities for Future SSS Lay associates
- Possibilities for SSS Vocations

Benefits to Priests

- Deeper knowledge of the Eucharistic Spirituality and Theology
- Strengthens Vocation
- Sustains and Develops Spirituality
- Alleviates Emotional Stress
- Promotes Relational Support
- Enhances Health
- Strengthens Ministry
- Promotes Administrative Alliances

Benefits to the Priest's Family

- Exposure to Eucharistic Spirituality
- Opportunities to pray
- Opportunities to bond with the family's priest
- Restful time to rejuvenate
- Respite from daily routine tasks at home; stress reduction
- Opportunities to know SSS religious
- Opportunities to experience SSS hospitality

"Come and rest a while "

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