A New SSS Mission to Priests in Sri Lanka



Research Findings

25.14 % of Priests suffer from Loneliness
13.41% of Priests acknowledge Depressed Feelings
6/15% of Priests abuse alcohol

Coping Strategies of Priests who are lonely

- Alcohol Consumption
- Lone Activities
- Increased Activism

Research Recommendations

- Quality time with Family, the primary support system
- Improve relationship with Bishops, Superiors, and Friends
- Seek Spiritual Direction
- Seek Guidance and Counseling
- Consult with Colleagues

Response to Research Findings

- The proposed Ministry aims to promote more positive coping strategies through Eucharistic Spirituality, psychological services and close family interactions.
- Preventative Care aimed at increasing the Priests' Psychological strength.
- Increases the Priests' ability to act in a positive and effective manner towards their congregation.
- Improving lay-involvement through Priests who are able to effectively incorporate lay-people's talents and skills for the good of the Church.
- Enabling a Priest to exercise his need to be a contributing member of his family by allowing him to invite family to the house of rest.
- Priests will be motivated to greater faithfulness in their vocation due to expectations of the closely knit family (cf. Social Comparison Theory).

"Come and rest a while "

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